Submit learner data

This service is for training providers that receive funding directly from the Education and Skills Funding Agency .

Use this service to validate and submit:

  • Individualised learner records (ILR)
  • Earnings adjustment statements (EAS)
  • ESF (European Social Fund) supplementary data
  • Funding Claims
  • Further Education (FE) staff and vacancy data
  • Further Education (FE) governor data

You can also view and download reports for data you’ve submitted.

Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCAs) can download reports and upload reference data

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Before you start

You will need:

  • Login details for IDAMS (Information Management Services System)
  • an XML or Zip file to upload for ILR data
  • a CSV file to upload for EAS and ESF data
  • an XML file to upload for recording Further education (FE) staff data or FE staff records for online form submissions
  • Governing board details (FE only)